Snow Haven & Horseknights

The first area in my #FemaleLinkJam entry is a mountain pass. There’s a bonfire to rest your character. The aesthetic is pretty for a lot of reasons, and I enjoy how simple it is. There are green trees and blue streams, but hopefully it is not as idyllic as Hyrule Field. The water will turn into rapids somewhere, and you’ll follow it to the first dungeon.

I also took a vine of a Horseknight character. He’s inspired specifically by the Blue Lynel guarding the cave by the old man in the waterfall in the original Zelda. I have a few NES memories, and that’s definitely one of them. Maybe it’s because he’s so hard in such a hard space. It looks pretty much identical to other parts of the game, but I think it was tweaked just right for 5 year old me.