Super Combat Jr 2 Part 2

We first showed off Super Combat Jr 2 months ago. Then we showed it again. Then we showed it again, but this time in another state. And this weekend we were invited to show it off here in Madison, WI one more time. First a trailer, then some words and instagram links:

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Super Combat Jr 2 Part 1

Two months ago we said we’d make it. We finished it two weeks ago. And then we showed it off, twice. The first showing was at Gib’s Bar right here in Madison, WI. I work here and this is the place Sujan and I decided we would make videogames together. It was kind of beautiful that all of our friends came here to participate in a tournament.

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Moon Fields Dev Log #2

This entry went over possible boss ideas. Some of them are pretty well developed mechanically, others more developed aesthetically. Possible boss ideas for the demo are the Mega Goo (needs a new name) & Polyface. The Necromancer is in contention for a miniboss. Buttstomper is also in contention for a miniboss, but he’s Buttstomper, so there’s that. Lots of pictures in this post, so we’ll hide these behind the link. Continue reading Moon Fields Dev Log #2